General editor

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  • General editor (with Cathrin Klingsöhr-Leroy): Wie wir lesen — Zur Geschichte, Praxis und Zukunft einer Kulturtechnik. Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag.
  • General editor (2007-2013): Publications of the Bavarian American Academy and Award Monograph Series. Heidelberg: Winter Verlag.


  • Mythos Lesen. Buchkultur und Geisteswissenschaften im Informationszeitalter. Bielefeld 2021
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  • The Threat of History: Geschichte und Erzählung im afro-amerikanischen Roman der Gegenwart [The Threat of History: Narrative Discourse and Historical Consciousness in Contemporary Afro-American Fiction]. Essen 1990.

Other publications

In addition, I have published ca. 100 critical essays, including contributions to academic encyclopedia, textbooks, research anthologies, newspaper articles, review essays and individual book reviews (go to my LMU website).